​Don't Let
​The Bed Bugs Bite! ​


You are definitely on their menu.  Bed Bugs, like Mosquitos enjoy feeding on blood, however they unlike mosquitos cannot fly.  Bed Bugs  hang out on clothing, luggage, furniture, and then ultimately end up in bed with you all night!  with you

 all night! It turns out that these creatures have tormented humans for thousands of years beginning from Ancient Egypt.  Back then the Egyptians tried to fight the insects with spells and incantations. While techniques have improved alot since then there are still major outbreaks of Bed Bugs in the current Western Civilizations.


What're The Symptoms of Having Bed Bugs?​

If you wake up in the morning and have nasty marks, or rashes there is a good possibility that you’ve been feasted upon by bed bugs.  Bed bug bites can leave red marks and itch quite a bit! Additional signs of bed bugs to look for include black spots on your bed sheets, a musty smell due to dead bead bugs, and bloody spots on your sheets due to squishing the bed bugs  that are hidden in your bed.​


How do You Get Bed Bugs

​Despite the name “Bed Bug” they can be found anywhere.  So it is ideal to inspect your mattresses, box springs, bedding, clothing, furniture, cardboard boxes and anything else that is made with fabric. People can often times unknowingly start spreading a bed bug infestation from places like a movie theater chair to all of the furniture in your home!

What're the Dangers of Having Bed Bugs

​Fortunately Bed Bugs are not dangerous and don’t carry disease (as far as we know).  However bed bug bites can cause discomfort and cause skin irritations.  You can treat these irritations with over the counter Cortisone Cream and Anti-histamines. In the 2-4 months that a pregnant female Bed Bug is alive, it will lay hundreds of eggs within a few months, and then of course those will multiple, and most people won’t notice until it’s too late.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

​There are several home remedies that you may try but beware: People often times try to use pesticides in order to get rid of bed bugs but pesticides are quite harmful and dangerous to humans, especially while using within the home.

Unfortunately you cannot rid yourself of Bed Bugs by taking a shower, since getting Bed Bugs doesn’t have anything to do with being dirty. You may try to treat clothing and sheets by running them through a cycle in the dryer on HIGH, and vacuum sealing unused fabrics in plastic bags, or containers.  Remember to inspect furniture and vacuum regularly.  You may need to eventually spray for bed bugs, in which case…

 If all else fails then hiring a professional Bed Bug Exterminator is the MOST reliable way of guaranteeing bed bug control in your home! Call Us Now!

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